Monday, June 4, 2012


Hi everyone! I'm the owner of this blog (=゜ω゜)ノ As you can see, this blog basically contains the links to the files I uploaded, or from others who donated their files to me (thank you so much for your help!! ヽ(*´∀`)ノ), and most of them are Drama CD, BLCD, Seiyuu CD, Seiyuu PV, etc. I normally upload my files to nakido, and I also put mirror links for other people who cannot use nakido.

And just to help anyone who doesn't know how to download from nakido, it's really easy!
- If it's your first time, make sure you have nakido flag installed.
- If you want, register your own account to get a faster download speed. By having an account, you can also follow a certain user, so you can get their updates!
- Go to the file that you want to download, click Add to Download Manager. You can add up to 5 files for free users.
- Keep your browser on while downloading. You can access other links within, but don't close your browser.
- When your download is done, click Save, and save the file! You're done!

I do accept files donation, or even money donation (which you can do by following the post on top ↑). I really appreciate everyone who is willing to help me, and also thanks to everyone who keeps supporting this blog! I may be a bit slow with replying comments, but I will reply as soon as I can.


  1. Can you share your files on other sharing websites like MediaFire or HowFile? I used to download normally from nakido a year ago, but now I cannot download a single file.

  2. Can you please help me here? I can't download any of your files :(..if it possible, can you upload it elsewhere?

    thank you


  3. I've read that Nakido Flag is spyware. I've had too many problems with that. You can still make some revenue if you just uploaded to mirrorupload and linked each download link with

  4. nee-chan, apa nama account nakido mu? :3

  5. just wondering if you accept request for seiyuu events

    1. Which seiyuu event are you looking for? If I have the file then I have no problem sharing it here :)

  6. Hello do you have a Girl thereapist tokuten? If have please post it and also a request it is :)

    Thanks ahead :D

  7. ふたりの秘密6 ~家庭教師のカレ?~ request please :D

  8. Hello Can I ask 人間失格朗読C D付?

    Thank you for your hard working and Have a good day!

  9. 執事のプリンスさま request please :D

  10. 【同人CD】カエデくんの告白。~私が××したい彼~(Kaede-kun no Kokuhaku。~Watashi ga ×× Shitai Kare this link is broken please uproad again?

  11. Is this blog dead or?

  12. Thank you so much... Your blog really made my day every day! I'm also a uni student from Aussie btw! Haha